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Friendship BridgeInternships are one of the ways that students bridge from school to career. Hands-on experience gives students the opportunity to put their academic scholarship into practice, to gain experience in the workplace, and to establish professional relationships that will serve them as the contribute to their chosen field.

Internships require 45 hours of service to an organization for each hour of academic credit awarded. An additional five hours of work per credit are spent on additional requirements, including developing a resume, logging time spent, and producing a report on the internship.

The Career Center is charged with the administration of the internship program on campus. Take advantage of their many programs throughout college and you will have every tool available to get started professionally. Use the Career Center as your first reference for the internships.

Once you start thinking about taking an internship, review the Career Center’s general information on the internship program, and then complete all of the steps on their Internship Handout. (including, once you’ve applied, the completion of their Online Orientation Workshop). As you search for an internship, note that in addition to the Career Center’s database of past internships, the Sociology Department keeps a list of the organizations that our students have worked with here. There is no guarantee that these organizations will have an internship available, but between the Career Center’s database and ours you should be able to find and internship that will help you pursue your career goals.

Ready to submit your online internship application click here 

For more information, contact the Career Center, or the Sociology Department’s Internship Coordinator, Sarah Mawhirter.