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Michael Blain Abbreviated CV

Abbreviated Curriculum Vita
Michael Blain
Fall 2006

Chair (1994­-1998; 2002­-2006)

Office Address
Department of Sociology  Boise State University  1910 University Drive  Boise, ID 83725  Tel #: (208) 426­1346  E­mail:  Fax #: (208) 426­2098

Research Interests
Social Movements
Practices and Discourses of Subjection

Ph.D. Sociology University of Colorado at Boulder
M.A. Psychology, California State U. Sacramento

Professional Associations
American Sociological Association (ASA)
International Sociological Association (ISA)
Pacific Sociological Association (Council Member)
Irish Sociological Association (ISA)

Teaching Areas 
Political Sociology
Research Methodology
Sociology of Drugs

Most Prestigious Awards

1983. National Endowment for the Humanities Faculty Seminar:” Foucault and  Heidegger: The Interpretive Study of Human Beings,” with Hubert Dreyfus, U.C. Berkeley.
1983­-84. Principle Investigator, Ruth Mott Fund Grant, “INEL Research Pilot Project,” Boise, Idaho.
1986. Canadian Faculty Enrichment Grant, “Political­Sociology of Canada.”
1989. Sabbatical Leave, Irish Anti­nuclear / Peace Activism Research. Boise State  University, Boise, Idaho  Peace Research Institute, Dublin, Ireland.
1996. Selected for membership in The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi, Boise  State University Chapter, Boise, Idaho.
1998. (Fall Semester). Sabbatical Leave: Power and Subjectivity in Political Discourse. Boise State University, Boise, Idaho.

Most Prestigious Refereed Journal Articles

1976. “The Role of Death in Political Conflict.” Psychoanalytic Review 63(2): 249­265.
1988. “Fighting words: what we can learn from Hitler’s hyperbole.” Symbolic Interaction 11(2): 257­276.
1989. “Power and Practice in Peace Movement Discourse.” Research in Social  Movements, Conflicts, and Change 11: 197­218.
1991. “Rhetorical Practice in an Antinuclear Weapons Campaign.” Peace and Change 16: 355­376.
1994. “Power, War, and Melodrama in the Discourses of Political Movements.” Theory  and Society 23(6): 805­838.
1995. “Group defamation and the holocaust.” Chapter in Group Defamation and  Freedom of Speech, edited by Eric Freedman and Monroe Freedman, 45­68. Westport, Connecticut: Greenwood Publishing Group.
2005. “The Politics of Victimage: Power and Subjection in a US Anti­gay Campaign.” Critical Discourse Studies, 2(1): 31­50.
2007. “On the Genealogy of Terrorism.” Chapter in Interrogating the War on Terror, edited by Deborah Staines, Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia.

Most Prestigious Paper Presentations at Conferences

1984. “The strategy of Michel Foucault’s genealogical discourse.” Paper presented to the  79th annual meeting of the ASA, San Antonio, TX.
1986. “Fighting words: what we can learn from Hitler’s Hyperbole.” Paper presented to the 81st annual meeting of the ASA, N.Y.
1988. “Group defamation and the Holocaust.” Paper presented to the conference on  Group Defamation & Freedom of Speech, Hofstra University, Hempstead, N.Y.
1991. “Foucault’s analytic of power relations.” Paper presented to the 86th annual  meeting of the ASA, Cincinnati, OH.
1994. “Power, war, and melodrama in the discourses of political movement.” Paper  presented to the 13th annual meeting of the ISA, Bielefeld, Germany.
1995. “On the genealogy of social movements.” Paper presented to the Theory, Culture &  Society Conference, Berlin, Germany.
1996. “The religious right movement and anti­gay campaigns in the Western United  States.” Paper presented to “International Conference on Globalization and  Collective Action,” Sponsored by ISA, May 17­19, UC, Santa Cruz.
1998. “Power, subjectivity, and social movement theory.” Paper presented to the XIV  World Congress of Sociology, ISA, July 26­August 1, Montreal, Canada.
2002. “The New Anti­ ‘Drug­War’ Movement in the U.S.” Paper presented to the XV  World Congress of Sociology, ISA, Brisbane Australia, July 7­13.
2005. “On the Genealogy of Terrorism.” Paper presented to the 37 th World Congress of the International Institute of Sociology, July 5­9, 2005, Stockholm, Sweden.References Sona Andrews, Provost, Boise State University, Boise Idaho: G. William Domhoff, Professor, University of California, Santa Cruz: Edward McLuskie, Professor & Fulbright Scholar, Boise State University: