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Degree Tracker & the AAR

Student campus Life, Fall, 2012, Changing Trees, SeasonThere are two resources that are essential to planning your schedule over the course of your academic career.

The Academic Advisement Report (AAR)

Most important is the Academic Advisement Report (AAR). This will tell you which classes you’ve taken, the classes for which you have registered, which requirements are satisfied, and which requirements remain to be completed. Note that you can generate a .pdf of your AAR. This can be easier to interpret, and you are also able to email this to your faculty advisor if you have a question, or so that they can prepare for an appointment with you.
To learn more about the AAR, how to generate it, and how to interpret it, here

Degree Tracker

Degree Tracker is a new tool for academic planning, available to students graduating under the 2012-13, 2013-14 or 2014-15 catalogs. (Students under an older catalog can still use the Degree Planner on This will allow you to determine more easily the courses you should take and which semesters they are offered, will alert you if you are missing a prerequisite, and will enable you to try out a number of scheduling scenarios to see which would work best for you.

Information on Degree Tracker is available by clicking here.

Other Resources

In addition to the College of Social Science and Public Affairs Student Success and Advising Office, the Advising and Academic Enhancement office can help with your general advising questions.